Outdated SEO Techniques you Should Avoid

SEO is always changing, what used to be an effective and reliable way of getting traffic and rankings might get you penalised now. I do SEO full time so I’m fortunate enough to be able to stay up to date with the changes and spend the time to pass that on to you.

So here are a few outdated SEO techniques to avoid:

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing used to be an easy way to get your keywords into your text and rank for them. Not though keyword stuffing will get you penalised. Keyword research is one of the best things in SEO but overdoing it is going to hurt your site.

If for example, you sell bottles of water on your site you’d definitely mention and want to mention the keyword “water bottle”. However, if you overuse it and “stuff” the keyword in anywhere it’s going to hurt your SEO efforts. Here’s an example of a poorly done sentence:

“Buy your water bottles now for free shipping for your water bottles. All of our water bottles are made from recycled materials”.

That hurt to write. Here’s one done properly:

“Buy your water bottles today for free shipping. All our bottles are made from recycled materials”.

You don’t need to overdo it. You can use the term more than once but don’t go crazy it’ll hurt your SEO efforts.

Poor Content

Not updating or creating high-quality pages is killing your site. A site with pages that add little to no value with poor content, is packed with links or has content not created with the reader in mind.

Any page that doesn’t serve a purpose or give visitors they want is viewed by google as “thin”. Just like having pages that are stuffed with keywords, pages with thin content are also going to get you penalised. Basically, you have to get it just right. It’ll come with experience and research so don’t dwell on it too much, just make sure you do your research and spend enough time on it.

Paying for Links

Backlinks from high authority sites are great for SEO, it makes your site seem more “trustworthy” in the eyes of Google. Every site has a domain authority (DA) every site has a score based on how trustworthy Google views it as and if your site gets multiple links from sites like this it can raise your DA.

Paying these sites for links seems like a great idea doesn’t it? Pay a few sites some money to link back to you and you’ll increase your DA, easy enough. Except that paying for links is against most search engines rules and can not just hurt your site but bury it.

Not Optimising for Mobile

A few years ago Google essentially changed their priorities. Desktop used to rule the roost but now mobile is more important. Think about it, how often do you search from your phone compared to your computer? If you’re like the majority of the world it’ll make sense why google’s priorities shifted.

Make sure your website is optimised for all kinds of platforms, phones, desktops, tablets etc. Through these changes, other factors became a priority particularly page speed.

Page speed is massively important anyway and is an important ranking factor but particularly on mobile, people don’t want to wait for pages to load, they’ll just swipe away and go elsewhere.

So there you go 4 outdated SEO techniques you need to avoid. Of course, this isn’t a definitive guide but should help your efforts. If you do want a definitive guide good luck finding one, but here is a basic one from Search Engine Journal.




Hi, I’m Rob! I’m a digital marketing apprentice for Surge Marketing Solutions. We are a full service digital agency based in Middlesbrough.

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Rob Swinburne

Rob Swinburne

Hi, I’m Rob! I’m a digital marketing apprentice for Surge Marketing Solutions. We are a full service digital agency based in Middlesbrough.

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